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For the last thirty-five years we have been enthusiastic owners of sports and classic cars and with this experience we understand the special care requirements needed to keep a collectors car in the sort of condition that is necessary to enjoy the pleasure of ownership.

Experience has taught us how those paint blisters and rusting chrome just keep coming back costing, in some cases, thousands of pounds to keep at bay, not to mention the dreaded MOT finding seized brakes, faulty electrics, misfiring, blown bulbs and all the associated costs, aggravation and disappointment associated with poor storage.

Our aim is to achieve a secure quality of storage where your vehicle is kept stable, spotlessly clean and street legal (if required) at all times whether it is a car you are keeping for sentimental reasons or a priceless classic.
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Car Management Secure Storage. Our store in the heart of rural Norfolk is ideal for this sort of operation offering, by virtue of its location, a high degree of anonymity together with an up to date approved security systems. Our buildings are purpose converted, half has been prepared for dehumidified car storage, and we live in the remainder so the facility is manned at most times We are with in easy reach of Norwich and London Stanstead airports, rail links from Norwich and Kings Lynn and the ports of Felixstowe and Harwich. Insurance. Quality insurance is vital while we are looking after your property so to this end we have a full motor trader policy arranged by Aon Limited, a London syndicate who specialise in the field of classic car storage. While your car is in our facility, it is important to inform your insurer that your car is with us and your cover for fire, theft and accidental damage should be maintained

Car Storage Our on site storage is a dehumidified environment controlled to a level of about 50% R.H. This is recognised to be the optimum level at which to store cars without being so dry as to damage woodwork and leather upholstery but sufficient to reduce the risk of corrosion. We have no set storage programs but a set of choices and options upon which you can decide. Depending on the level of preservation, the term of storage or your budget, we are happy to accommodate your requirements. Most of this information is detailed under Tariff. Availability. In general, we are geared towards long term storage but if a car is required for a weekend, usually it can be made available. On return there will be a £30 charge for valeting prior to the car being returned to store.

Service M.O.T. Testing and Servicing. Cars can be prepared for the M.O.T. test and test certificates obtained. We can also carry out basic servicing on site and for specialised work we have reliable qualified contacts for most marques who can be contacted should you wish. In these circumstances we are happy to supervise the work to insure it is to the standard you require and report back on progress. Transport. It is important that you can have your car where you want it and when you want it, so to this end we are happy to either deliver, collect or transport your car to meetings, race circuits, to or from airports or even abroad. The price for this service is available upon request. N.B. If the service you require is not listed above we are happy to arrange a bespoke program to suit your requirements

Tariff Tariff (for cars up to 16 feet long) 1. Dehumidified Storage per week £25 00 2. Dehumidified Active Storage per week £30.00 30 day car roll (to prevent tyre flat spots) 30 day tyre and condition check 30 day engine run-up to working temperature 60 day battery condition check 3. Monthly Mechanical Exercise. Additional per week £5.00 This procedure includes gently warming the engine to working temperature and taking the car on the road for about twenty minutes. The brakes, suspension, steering bearings and gear box will all be put through their motions. The main benefit of this is that all the ancillary moving parts including ventilation fans, windows, horn, sun roof etc. are tested. Any defects are reported and if requested can be rectified. Additional Tariffs (for cars up to 16 feet long) Wash & leather dry. £10.00 Wash and polish exterior. £30.00 Special wheel clean (wires.) £25.00 Power wash underside of car. £30.00 Valet interior. £30.00 Power wash engine bay & apply preservative. £60.00 Apply Waxoyl to underside. £170.00 Check coolant mixture. £5,00 Drain, flush & replace coolant (excl coolant.) £15.00 Change engine oil & filter (excl materials.) £30.00 Spray disc brakes with anti-rust. £15.00 Supply of semi fitted dust sheets. from £50.00 Supply & fit battery conditioner. £45.00 Environmental disposal of batteries, tyres, oils. £5.00 Customerís own air chamber p.c.m. £5.00 Battery monitoring & charging p.c.m. £6.00

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