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1937 MG SA Tickford (668)

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1937 MG SA Tickford 1937 MG SA Tickford 1937 MG SA Tickford
1937 MG SA Tickford
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Alias/Member ID: retrogent Town/City: Glasgow
Membership Type: Member County/State: Cumbernauld
Member Since: 2013-01-12 Country: United Kingdom
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This is a Rare 1937 MG SA Tickford DHC, The MG SA or MG 2-litre was a sporting saloon produced by the MG Car company from 1936 to 1939. Launched as the 2 litre, it only later became known as the SA, the car had been originally planned as an advanced performance saloon to rival the likes of SS Cars (later to be known as Jaguar) and even Bentley with all independent suspension and was given the factory code of EX150 and designated the S-type. A prototype was made but with the amalgamation of MG with Morris Motors in 1935 development stopped. The Cowley drawing office picked up the project again but a much more conservative car appeared with conventional live rear and beam front axles. The car used a tuned version of the six cylinder 2062 cc Morris QPHG engine which it shared with the Wolseley Super Six but enlarged to 2288 cc. The capacity was increased again to 2322 cc in 1937 bringing it into line with the Wolsley 18. This was a tall engine and to allow the bonnet line to be as low as possible the twin SU carburettors had their dashpots mounted horizontally. Drive was to the live rear axle via a four speed manual gearbox with synchromesh on the top two ratios (on all but a few early models). Wire wheels were fitted and the drum brakes were hydraulically operated using a Lockheed system. A built in jacking system was fitted to the chassis. The saloon body, the only option available at the time of the car's launch, was made in-house by Morris and was a spacious four door with traditional MG grille flanked by two large chrome plated headlights. The spare wheel was carried on the boot lid. Inside there were individual seats in front and a bench seat at the rear, all with leather covering. Much use was made of walnut for the dashboard and other trim items. A Philco radio was offered as an optional extra for 18 Guineas (GBP18.90). From April 1936 a Tickford drophead coupé by Salmons joined the range priced at GBP398, the saloon was GBP375, and in July coachbu

Car Details

Marque: MG Engine Size: 2322 cc
Model: SA Tickford Mileage: 0
Category: Convertible/Drop-head/Cabriolet Transmission: Manual
Manufacture Year: 1937 Purchase Date:
Registration Number: HPD 412 Interior Details:
Prev Reg Number: Car Condition: Restored
Status: On The Road Colour: 2 Tone Blue


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Available for Film/TV: Yes
Available for Magazine work: Yes
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