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1932 Ford Tudor (456)

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1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor
1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor
1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor
1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor
1932 Ford Tudor 1932 Ford Tudor
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The Ford Tudor was bought new by Ms. Helen McPherson of Snow Camp, NC. She drove it locally, often to deliver milk, butter and eggs from her small dairy farm to a nearby store, putting on 36,200 miles in the 26 years she owned it. She always parked in her garage and had the car serviced and repaired by R.T. Thompson’’s Garage. Ms. McPherson was never married and never owned another car. * In 1958 Mr. Pete Coble of Graham, NC bought the car from her for $75 for his son, Calvin, to eventually fix up and drive. Pete stored it safely in his barn, where I saw it in 1963 with a high school 'car' buddy. We were both amazed at its perfect condition under the layers of dust. * In 1973 Mr. P. Calvin Coble Jr. put the Tudor back on the road. New kingpins and 1940 Ford hydraulic breaks were installed, but the original mechanical break parts were kept for possible future restoration. The four cylinder engine required piston rings and one valve. All main and rod bearings were good. The engine, oil pump and fuel pump were thoroughly cleaned. A new wiring harness was installed. The original paint was striped off, the metal treated with rust inhibitor, and the new paint job applied over red oxide primer. Complete data on the paints used is included. One small dent in a rear fender and another caused by snow falling off a shed roof onto the hood were the only flaws in the sheet metal. The body was not removed from the chassis. The bumpers were re-plated. A LeBaron Bonney ‘‘Complete Interior for ‘‘32 Tudor’’ and a new top were installed. * Mr. Coble drove the Tudor locally in parades and to car shows, putting another 1,150 miles on it in 35 years. In December 2007 Mr. Coble sold the car to Mike Green of Burlington, NC, who stored the car until I purchased it from him on April 21, 2008. Since its original purchase in 1932, the car has probably never been out of Alamance County, where it remains safely stored, with 37,364 actual miles on the odometer.

Car Details

Marque: Ford Engine Size: 1939 cc
Model: Tudor Mileage: 38000
Category: Saloon/Sedan Transmission: Manual
Manufacture Year: 1932 Purchase Date:
Registration Number: 218 008 Interior Details: immaculate but needs mats
Prev Reg Number: Car Condition: Restored
Status: On The Road Colour: Two Tone


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The Tudor is ALL original - except for: the paint, upholstery, top, breaks, headlight lenses (cracked by kids with bb guns), hubcaps, and routine mechanical replacements, and an electric fuel pump Mr. Coble installed in 2003 because, he drove it so infrequently, the battery was often drained cranking the engine to pump gas up to the carburetor. Around this time he had the fuel tank removed, cleaned and coated. In 2004 a new muffler and exhaust pipes were installed. The running board rubber is original, as is the ‘safety glass’. It lacks floor mats. It has the keys, tools and the ‘Instruction Book’ that came with it. The car remains mechanically sound and beautifully preserved to this day. I have driven it about 15 miles in the past few weeks. It starts, runs, handles and breaks very well. Compression checks between 60 and 65 pounds on all four cylinders


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