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Maybelene (138)

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1966 Ford Town Hardtop 1966 Ford Town Hardtop 1966 Ford Town Hardtop
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Alias/Member ID: monkeygus Town/City: Lehigh Acres
Membership Type: VIP Member County/State: Florida
Member Since: 2007-05-10 Country: United States
Number of Exhibits: >2<


This fine lady is named "Maybelene". She earned her name because when I first got her (and SHE is definitely a SHE!) she would always give me trouble. It seems like whenever I took her somewhere, I would get stranded in a parking lot and had to call my husband for help. The last time that happened, I was sitting in the car listening to an oldies radio station. The song "Maybellene" by Chuck Berry came on and I started to listen to the words, "Maybellene, why can't you be true". From then on, the name stuck - BUT she's been TRUE ever since! As for the spelling, I changed it a little because this car is unique and I felt she deserved a unique name. She's my baby and my daily driver. I've taken her to many shows and won several first place awards in the T-Bird catagory. My husband and I either work on her or show her every weekend.

Car Details

Marque: Ford Engine Size: 390
Model: Town Hardtop Mileage: 27999
Category: Coupe/Hardtop Transmission:
Manufacture Year: 1966 Purchase Date: 2006-02-23
Registration Number: Interior Details: Totally original
Prev Reg Number: Car Condition: Original
Status: On The Road Colour: Wimbelton White


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Available for Film/TV: Yes
Available for Magazine work: Yes
Available for Rental, Weddings etc: Yes


None. All parts have come from old FoMoCo stock or pulled from other 66 T-Birds. She will remain original.


My only suggestions would be to make sure you are good with electrical systems if you want one of these cars!

Parts to be sourced:

Alas, I had to sell my beloved Bird. But she will be living in the lap of luxury because she was sold to a lovely French fellow who loves American luxury cars. As of 12/06/07, Maybelene was on her way to Paris, France to live out her days as part of a fantastic collection of cars. I wish her well. I will always love her.

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