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Dealer Membership Benefits

Dealer Membership to The Classic Car Show gives access to all sections and services. We believe this is a perfect platform for all businesses in the classic car industry to promote themselves to a global audience. A Dealer Entry ticket costs £5 which covers administration and set-up costs. For this you will receive membership for 12 months absolutely FREE and the following benefits will be available to you:

1. Create your own Dealer stand. This is a dedicated mini-site where you can describe your business, stress your selling points, list all your contact details and any location advice you wish to give. You can enhance your space by adding either your logo or a suitable advert. Create your stand via the “Stand Details” option on the “Dealers” menu.

2. Just like a physical show you can then take space on your “stand” to post details of as many cars as you wish. A small admin charge £50 is made at the beginning of each space rental period to cover admin and set-up charges. Use of that space is then yours for the next 60 days which is the standard unit of time for dealer spaces within the show.

3. You can add vehicles to your stand (i.e. increase your space) via the “Add an Exhibit” option on the “Dealers” menu. For ease of transfer you can load as many vehicles as you like in readiness for activation and then pay the admin charge (the vehicle entry fee) for all the spaces at time.

4. Each vehicle has its own display page as well as a mini-descriptor and a thumbnail on your stand page. Your displayed vehicles can be visited via either the general “search displayed cars” or via the “dealer stands” option to maximize exposure. Each vehicle description can be accompanied by up to ten photographs (JPEG, GIF, bmp & png can be used).

5. You have complete control over your mini-site and can alter the editorial, contact details or logo whenever you wish via the “Stand Details” option on the “Dealers” menu.

6. You can alter the vehicles displayed in your allocated spaces whenever you wish via the “My Exhibits” option on the “Dealers” menu.

7. You can view the results of any of the above alterations via the “My Dealer Stand” option on the “Dealers” menu.

8. Your “stand” will include an email hyperlink where visitors to our show can click on to send an email enquiry directly to you. All other forms of contact are also included on your "stand" such as full address, website (hyperlink) and telephone number.

9. As a full member you have available to you enhanced facilities such as use of the “My Community” section of the show (to store contact details for the clubs, other dealers and traders with whom you deal) and detailed search (such as search on car registration)

10. You can maintain your account details such as passwords and contact details via the “Account Details” option on the “Dealers” menu.

11. Contact members.

12. Place site advert.

13. Upgrade to Sponsor a Section (i.e. Trade Stands, Club Stands).

14. Upgrade to Sponsor the Show!

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