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TheClassicCarShow Founders Club
Number of Recommendations: 15 Description
TheClassicCarShow Founders Club The ClassicCarShow Founders Club, of course, does not actually exist and has been developed simply to demonstrate what a club stand looks like when it is formed at our show..

Club Stands are formed automatically when the "recommended club" of ten exhibits all nominate the same club. Logos and Description can be loaded via the show administrator.

If, however, this were a club it is here where we would say some thing like:

It was formed in 2006 when classic car enthusiasts from varoius parts of the World decided that there were better things to do (on those long winter evenings) than watching re-runs on the television, but it was too cold to work on the car in the garage!

We meet (or at least we would) the second Tuesday of every month at the Speckled Hen on the island of Sodor.

Our members have an eclectic collection of classics varying from the neo-gothic to the nearly-paid-for.

Our yearly fees are extra-ordinarily inexpensive, our magazine non-existant and our enthusiasm b
Club Details
TheClassicCarShow Founders Club Tel: +441732 373044
220 Vale Road E-mail:
Tonbridge Website:
Kent Marques:
United Kingdom

Cars That Have Recommended This Club
Title(id) Description Marque Model Year
Bob's Celica Bob's Celica(21) An amazing 1977 Celica 1600... Toyota Celica 1977

Bob's Marcos Bob's Marcos(11) A 1969 Marcos GT that was t... Marcos GT 1969


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