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Announcements posted by the Website Manager. Please check this page to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from The Classic Car Show.

News Type: Feedback  [03/04/2007]
Topic: SM - promotions manager
Description: It looks a very professional, quality site but you should promote the fact that membership is free more than you do. It currently looks like an exclusive club that people may feel inhibited about joining.

News Type: Show News  [06/03/2007]
Topic: ClassicCarShow "hard" launch
Description: Following a winter of finalising the website design listening to feedback from our faithful band of early users the website was launched today to an unsuspecting wider public!

News Type: Feedback  [04/03/2007]
Topic: VIP member Freddy
Description: What an excellent site! I will be checking it regularly to see if my friends have joined too

News Type: Feedback  [01/03/2007]
Topic: VIP member Chris Ward
Description: i think its great!

News Type: Feedback  [01/03/2007]
Topic: Vip Member fudge1
Description: I was referred to this site by a member on the Rover P5forum. It's a very good way of sharing information on all classic cars and I commend those who have got it set up and running. First class

News Type: Show News  [15/11/2006]
Topic: The offices will be moving as of 1st December 2006
Description: New Address;

11 Malton way

Tel: 07900 140 960

News Type: Show News  [25/10/2006]
Topic: Website Launch
Description: The website will be officially "soft" launched at this years Car Show at the NEC where we have a stand (3T04). We will be looking to judge initial reaction and listening to "the user experience"

News Type: Forum News  [25/08/2006]
Topic: Forums
Description: The forums are now fully operational. If you would like to use our forums Join up today and start enjoying the benefits.

News Type: Event News  [21/08/2006]
Topic: Event Directory
Description: Event Directory updated

News Type: Show News  [19/08/2006]
Topic: Trade Directory
Description: Trade Directory updated

News Type: Show News  [17/08/2006]
Topic: Dealer Directory
Description: Dealer Directory updated

News Type: Show News  [15/08/2006]
Topic: Club Directory
Description: Club Directory updated

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