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Announcements posted by the Website Manager. Please check this page to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from The Classic Car Show.

News Type: Event News  [18/05/2007]
Topic: Dylan Dunnagan Benefit Car Show
Description: “Dylan Wade Dunnagan Benefit” Car Show, June 9th 2007, 12-9, Washington Township Park, Moscow, Ohio. Contact Jim Shafer 513-673-3253 or Lee Ann Whited 513-218-1665. Dylan Wade Dunnagan was born September 29, 2006. He has spent the first 5-½ months in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with many complications and surgeries and has recently undergone a liver and small intestine transplant. The cost of the surgery was $830,000.00. The family's insurance is exhausted and this car show is just one of many activities being held to raise the funds. Donation checks payable to the Dylan Dunnagan Benefit and bring to the park or send them to: New Richmond National Bank, 415 Market St. Felicity, Ohio 45120

News Type: Exhibit News  [18/05/2007]
Topic: Isetta beats RS2000 (?!)
Description: The superb RS2000 belonging to VIP member Smudger was the first car to clock up 1000 viewings in our show and was also the first car to 1100 viewings. In the race to be the first car to achieve 1200 viewings, however, the Escort was pipped at the post by VIP member Rustyrenault's amazing hotrod Isetta!!

See Smudger's RS2000 here

See rustyrenault's Isetta hayabusa here

News Type: Exhibit News  [18/05/2007]
Topic: FEATURED CLASSIC - Metropolitan
Description: Sun, sea and a straight road is all you need to enjoy the perfect "wind in the hair" drive in these wonderful 50s classics. Who cares that it has a turning circle similar to that of a London bus when it looks this cute? See VIP member rustyrenault's beautiful Metropolitan here Metropolitan

News Type: Show News  [17/05/2007]
Description: The launch offer of free entry to VIP, Dealer and Trade level ends on the 3rd June. From that point on VIP entry will be $9 (£5) p.a. whilst Dealer and Trade will be $90 (£50) p.a.

News Type: Members Stories  [15/05/2007]
Topic: A Humber called Shirley
Description: When VIP member RobG decided to research the history of his 1966 Humber Super Snipe he probably conjured up scenes of vicarages, cricket on the village green and picnics by a gently flowing stream. That could not have further from what he found. UK Singer / Songwriter Jane Alston wrote back to RobG . “She was called Shirley and was beyond a doubt my favourite in a string of old cars I kept buying and trying to do up. She was a famous lesbian car, in a magazine spread and everything. She was used only to get me to gigs and back, I was the lead singer in The Brendas (we were very cult). My other band The Well Oiled Sisters were better known. I bought her for £1200 from a man in North London somewhere who had a few Humbers and finally had to sell Shirley for £200 when she blew up on Kilburn High Rd. (well, the wiring did) and I could take no more trying to fix her. It was all swings and roundabouts with the Humbers (I had had a Hawk previously). I will never forget changing the bl***y starter motor on Christmas day! She has a mad past with the mad lesbians of the 90's (she once had 12 crammed into her on my wedding day) BTW She was Shirley for burly chassis, Shirley Bassey being my favourite singer for years”. Learn more about Jane at her website and see RobG’s superb Humber A Humber called Shirley

News Type: Exhibit News  [11/05/2007]
Topic: Humber 9/28 Handbook Anyone?
Description: VIP member GFCAPON from Felixstowe in the UK is seeking a handbook for his superb 1929 Humber 9/28 (car exhibit 122)

Take a Look

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of such a document can make contact by hitting the "register knowledge of this car" button on the display.

News Type: Exhibit News  [11/05/2007]
Description: VIP member Jakal from Rotherham in the UK is one of the first to use our "Restoration Archive" facility and has used it to really good effect. If a picture is worth a thousand words then there is a bookful of script in these restoration photos!! See the MG Here and then hit the "restoration archive" button to see the rebuild.

News Type: Forum News  [11/05/2007]
Topic: What is a 57 ThunderBird worth?
Description: Member Roger81 of Louisiana in the US would like an idea of what someone might pay for a '57 Thunderbird E code See the general forums for the full story and to post a reply if you can help

News Type: Feedback  [07/05/2007]
Topic: Member D*******
Description: I tried to add my photos. I browse OK then submit and they all go blank !!~~**!! Editor's note:- in order to maximise the number of images we can offer our exhibitors we have to limit images to 1 meg. Upload an image larger than 1 meg and it does not have a field large enough to store it in - sorry :-(

News Type: Show News  [06/05/2007]
Topic: Month 2 -10,000 visitors!
Description: During the second month of being open to allcomers we had over 10000 visitors racking up more than 650000 hits and still growing very well each day!

News Type: Feedback  [01/05/2007]
Topic: a***
Description: filld ya reg forms still erors on signin, so *******s

Editor's note :- to ensure we are storing a valid email address we send out an activation mail which includes a link which when followed activates your account. The email address you registered does not exist and gives us a delivery failure message.

News Type: Feedback  [01/05/2007]
Topic: VIP member Vanessa
Description: I can never find my way back to the home page! Editor's Note :- Thank you for your observation Vanessa, the home page is currently called "Classic Car Show" at the top of the left hand menu - we will take the point on board and change it to say "home page".

News Type: Exhibit News  [20/04/2007]
Topic: The One and Only RS2000 Estate
Description: We are all attracted to classic cars because we like to own cars that are a bit more individual than most. VIP member Smudger from Castleford in the UK goes one better than that and owns one that is unique! It is the only RS2000 estate to be built by Fords Advanced Vehicle Operations. See this amazing one-off Here Incidently, Smudger's other displayed car, (the RS2000 that was February's Classic Car of the Month) recently became the first displayed vehicle to top 1000 viewings!

News Type: Show News  [07/04/2007]
Description: The Classic Car Show is pleased to announce that upgrades to VIP membership will be free for a limited period.

News Type: Show News  [06/04/2007]
Topic: A reasonable start for the show!
Description: During the first month of being open to the wider public we enjoyed 2500 visitors (165000 hits) but the numbers are growing daily

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