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Announcements posted by the Website Manager. Please check this page to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from The Classic Car Show.

News Type: Exhibit News  [16/07/2007]
Topic: FEATURED CLASSIC - Hillman Minx
Description: VIP Member HillMan from Colchester in the UK sees himself as "merely the custodian" of this superb Hillman Magnificent Minx - he takes up the story " We are very proud of our 'Magnificent' which has never been restored, and has only had two previous owners. We have every document for the car from new. This includes the first owners driving test receipt and booking form. Showroom brochure. Fuel rationing card. Handbooks. Buff log book. All original tax discs. Service history. Even the wicker basket is original. It has been in our family from new, so we are merely the current custodians". He has every right to be proud - see the Magnificent Minx for yourself HERE

News Type: Show News  [12/07/2007]
Topic: 1st American Dealer signs up!
Description: We are very pleased to announce the arrival of our first American dealer. With over 40 years of experience in Classic Cars and everything from barn finds to dream cars Jerry Whitfield Classic Cars of Winston Salem, North Carolina, USA is a welcome addition to our Dealer Stands.

Click here for full details

News Type: Show News  [12/07/2007]
Topic: Classic Of the Month Prize Winner
Description: VIP member Peabody4553 from Mebane in North Carolina, USA won Classic of the Month for June 2007 with his superb 1922 T-bucket. The amazing machine was custom built and after spending over $15000 on the engine alone the car is aptly named POVER-T. Peabody4553's prize was a gift voucher for Mac's Autos - a Ford model T Specialist in the States

News Type: Event News  [11/07/2007]
Topic: Fantastic Fundraiser in NSW
Description: Hotrod ,Streetcar & Motorbike Spectacular

The 1939 Chev Club and Moorebank Sports Club are holding a Hotrod ,Streetcar & Motorbike Spectacular on the 16th September 2007 at Moorebank Sports Club Lot 1 Heathcote Rd , Moorebank 2170.

The day is to raise money for Miracle Babies , NRMA Careflight and The Children's Hospital at Westmead . They have done this through community groups who selflessly raise funds to keep the Hospitals , Helicopters , Pilots . Doctor's and Paramedics working.

Miracle Babies , The Children's Hospital and NRMA Careflight will share all monies raised on the day through the entries , raffles and companies donating a share of their takings from the day.

The organisers are seeking help from local businesses for prize donations or a contribution towards the purchase of the Trophies . Any help in these areas will be gratefully appreciated.

If you would like to assist with any type of donation please contact Vic and Kylie Smithers on 0415 169 067 or email -

News Type: Members Stories  [24/06/2007]
Topic: The Corsa and the Customs Lady
Description: From its very first appearance the Chevrolet Corvair bucked the trend with its compact design and rear air cooled engine. By 1965 the Corvair had evolved into three different models, the 500, the Monza and the Corsa. VIP member NeilG from Illinois in the United States has owned his beautiful 1965 Corsa Convertible for 8 years and it has provided him with adventures from day one. NeilG tells the story "I bought the car on the internet from a Corvair expert in Toronto, Canada while I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. We agreed to meet in Detroit, Michigan USA and conclude the deal with him driving the car from Toronto. About 30 miles from Detroit, the car suffered an engine breakdown. The owner called me on my cell phone and told me about the problem and begged me to come see the car and try to work out something. So I drove into Canada and worked out a deal, loaded it on a trailer and headed back towards Detroit very pleased with myself. But then it dawned on me that I had to get the car through US Customs (!!!) and me with $20 in my wallet. So pulled up and was prepared for just about anything. The agent put me in a parking area and began to inspect the car. She went inside for a couple of minutes and returned to tell me the car was US built and no duty would be assessed (whew!!!). Then she proceeded to tell me her dad ran the Detroit Auto Show and she gave me his card telling me to call him as soon as the car was ready to show and she was sure he would put it in! The point of this is I owned this car for a total of 30 minutes and was already having classic car adventures! This is what it is all about " NeilG's 1965 Corvair Corsa

News Type: Exhibit News  [22/06/2007]
Description: Officine Stampaggi Industriali (OSI) was set up in 1960 as a subsidiary of Ghia to build cars like the Innocenti Spyder. By the time the OSI 20M TS went into production in 1967 OSI employed some 800 people. The beautiful design by Sergio Sartorelli brought the best of Italian flare and underpinned it with the ultra-reliable mechanicals of the mass produced Ford Taunus P5. Ford shipped all the necessary parts from Cologne to Turin and in return received completed cars to sell through their sales network. According to Marque authority Herbert some two thousand 2000S models and two hundred and twenty 2300S models were made between 1967 and 1968 and were particularly popular in Germany. See the beautiful OSI 20M TS HERE

News Type: Feedback  [21/06/2007]
Topic: Website Feedback from Abe
Description: Abe - a VIP member from the United States wrote "Thanks so much for this site!!! It's an inexpensive way to show off cars that are works in progress. Also, for people to connect on many different levels. Some cars are more sentimental than others and some are more valuable in dollars but, they come together here. Thanks again!" - Editor's note; thanks to you for the feedback, Abe - it makes all our hard work worthwhile

News Type: Members Stories  [13/06/2007]
Topic: Pride and Joy for Eddie
Description: Some cars are so much more than metal, plastic and rubber. Some are the embodiment of memories, laughter and good times shared in the past. One such classic is the AMC Javelin SST proudly featured in our show (id 185). Member Moparfreak from Mt. Lookout in the United States tells the story "My friend Eddie had the dream of completing the restoration on this car. We pooled our funds, buying a welder, air compressor with lots of attachments and new tools. We talked for hours over necessary repairs and choice of interior color,etc. Little did we know that within five years, he would pass away of a heart attack at 44. Imagine my surprise to get a phone call that he had titled the car in my name. I needed to make arrangements to bring the car home from 200 miles away. A friend took the challenge of doing this for me. I videoed the "event" , with a few choice words every time he ran over as much as a gravel. It has been garage kept ever since. It doesn't feel the same trying to restore the car without him but, I'll continue as he would have wanted me to."Eddie's Pride and Joy

News Type: Event News  [12/06/2007]
Topic: MSA Classic Event Returns
Description: After a gap of ten years it is great to see one of THE classic events returning to the calender - The Norwich Union RAC Classic returns in the new guise of the Norwich Union MSA Classic - See the trade stand in our show or visit the events website directly -

Click here for full details

News Type: Exhibit News  [12/06/2007]
Topic: FEATURED CLASSIC - Cooper Bobtail
Description: There is rare and then there is VERY rare. About 40 Cooper Bobtails are thought to have been built between 1955 and 1957 of which about 15 are thought to exist today. Having been successful with the tiny rear engined 500 series racers, Cooper moved up to sports cars and chose the ultra reliable Coventry Climax unit (originally designed to power fire pumps), more success followed and this was an important stepping stone to a World in which rear engined racing cars ruled!! VIP member Daryn from Berlin in Germany has a 1956 example that is for sale The Cooper Bobtail

News Type: Show News  [04/06/2007]
Topic: Monthly Prize Winner for May!
Description: VIP member Jackal's superb MG Midget clocked up over 1000 viewings and over 40 votes in its first month on display to become this month's Classic Car of the Month. Jackal wins our superb Lucas Oils Gift Pack specially designed for owners of Classic Cars. Congratulations!!!

News Type: Exhibit News  [03/06/2007]
Topic: BMC rust to Chapman Thrust.
Description: Got a badly rusting spridget and not sure what to do with it? How about turning it into an amazing Lotus XI replica? VIP member of our sister show - - XIREPLICA did just that and within ten weeks of graft and devotion produced a masterpiece

See the XI Le Mans Replica here

News Type: Show News  [01/06/2007]
Topic: Hello and Welcome Malaysia!!
Description: We are pleased and honoured to welcome member JamesChew who is displaying his superb Mitsubishi Celeste. This is our first car to be displayed from Malaysia and is resident in the enchanting state of Sarawak on the beautiful island of Borneo.

We are now showing cars from 11 different countries - Belgium, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States

News Type: Forum News  [30/05/2007]
Topic: What is yours called?
Description: April's Classic Car of the Month - VIP member Merlin1's beautiful Rolls Royce Barker Sports Saloon is called Merlin and member JR's superb Opel Monza GSE is called Bill (after its number plate) - so what is yours called and why? Tell us in the General Forum where a thread has been started!!

See Merlin1's Rolls Royce here

See JR's Monza here

News Type: Exhibit News  [25/05/2007]
Description: When not busy organising the The Royal Air Tattoo's classic vehicle display VIP member Clive from Gloucestershire in the UK spends some his time rebuilding his superb 1954 TR2. He has filled out an amazingly complete "Restoration Archive" for us to share the experience. Hopefully you can see the car "in the metal" at this year's Tattoo in July. For the time being see the Triumph HERE and then hit the "restoration archive" button to see the full story of the rebuild.

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