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Have you any amusing or entertaining (and repeatable!) stories about any of the cars displayed in our "show" if so we would love to hear from you. Please send them, clearly identifying the car concerned, to and we will post them on our story page.

News Type: Members Stories  [12/04/2011]
Topic: The art of buying dangerously
Description: VIP member MartinS from Tunbridge Wells in the UK has always hankered after an MG TD so when his friend offered him his he jumped at the chance. Only trouble was his friend lived in the States. Unperterbed, Martin had it shipped to the UK, picked it up at Southampton and drove it home ....then he told his wife!! See the MG Here

News Type: Members Stories  [24/06/2007]
Topic: The Corsa and the Customs Lady
Description: From its very first appearance the Chevrolet Corvair bucked the trend with its compact design and rear air cooled engine. By 1965 the Corvair had evolved into three different models, the 500, the Monza and the Corsa. VIP member NeilG from Illinois in the United States has owned his beautiful 1965 Corsa Convertible for 8 years and it has provided him with adventures from day one. NeilG tells the story "I bought the car on the internet from a Corvair expert in Toronto, Canada while I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. We agreed to meet in Detroit, Michigan USA and conclude the deal with him driving the car from Toronto. About 30 miles from Detroit, the car suffered an engine breakdown. The owner called me on my cell phone and told me about the problem and begged me to come see the car and try to work out something. So I drove into Canada and worked out a deal, loaded it on a trailer and headed back towards Detroit very pleased with myself. But then it dawned on me that I had to get the car through US Customs (!!!) – and me with $20 in my wallet. So pulled up and was prepared for just about anything. The agent put me in a parking area and began to inspect the car. She went inside for a couple of minutes and returned to tell me the car was US built and no duty would be assessed (whew!!!). Then she proceeded to tell me her dad ran the Detroit Auto Show and she gave me his card telling me to call him as soon as the car was ready to show and she was sure he would put it in! The point of this is I owned this car for a total of 30 minutes and was already having classic car adventures! This is what it is all about " NeilG's 1965 Corvair Corsa

News Type: Members Stories  [13/06/2007]
Topic: Pride and Joy for Eddie
Description: Some cars are so much more than metal, plastic and rubber. Some are the embodiment of memories, laughter and good times shared in the past. One such classic is the AMC Javelin SST proudly featured in our show (id 185). Member Moparfreak from Mt. Lookout in the United States tells the story "My friend Eddie had the dream of completing the restoration on this car. We pooled our funds, buying a welder, air compressor with lots of attachments and new tools. We talked for hours over necessary repairs and choice of interior color,etc. Little did we know that within five years, he would pass away of a heart attack at 44. Imagine my surprise to get a phone call that he had titled the car in my name. I needed to make arrangements to bring the car home from 200 miles away. A friend took the challenge of doing this for me. I videoed the "event" , with a few choice words every time he ran over as much as a gravel. It has been garage kept ever since. It doesn't feel the same trying to restore the car without him but, I'll continue as he would have wanted me to."Eddie's Pride and Joy

News Type: Members Stories  [15/05/2007]
Topic: A Humber called Shirley
Description: When VIP member RobG decided to research the history of his 1966 Humber Super Snipe he probably conjured up scenes of vicarages, cricket on the village green and picnics by a gently flowing stream. That could not have further from what he found. UK Singer / Songwriter Jane Alston wrote back to RobG . “She was called Shirley and was beyond a doubt my favourite in a string of old cars I kept buying and trying to do up. She was a famous lesbian car, in a magazine spread and everything. She was used only to get me to gigs and back, I was the lead singer in The Brendas (we were very cult). My other band The Well Oiled Sisters were better known. I bought her for £1200 from a man in North London somewhere who had a few Humbers and finally had to sell Shirley for £200 when she blew up on Kilburn High Rd. (well, the wiring did) and I could take no more trying to fix her. It was all swings and roundabouts with the Humbers (I had had a Hawk previously). I will never forget changing the bl***y starter motor on Christmas day! She has a mad past with the mad lesbians of the 90's (she once had 12 crammed into her on my wedding day) BTW She was Shirley for burly chassis, Shirley Bassey being my favourite singer for years”. Learn more about Jane at her website and see RobG’s superb Humber A Humber called Shirley


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