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News Type: Forum News  [15/04/2008]
Topic: Star Cars Found
Description: The six cars 1958 cars recently sought for television work have all now been sourced. Thanks to all members who assisted in the search.

News Type: Forum News  [27/03/2008]
Topic: 1958 cars sought for TV work
Description: An interesting thread has been posted on our forum. A company called Twofour Broadcast ( are currently making a television series for a major television channel that revolves around the presenter driving 1958 era classic cars around the leisure routes of the British Isles, as described in motoring guide books of that period.
The series, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first motorway being built in the UK, will showcase some of the most beautiful parts of our country.
They are looking for cars that would have been driven in 1958 (or thereabouts) that are road worthy and could be driven by the presenter along these routes, which range from about 10 to 50 miles.
They are looking for six cars and will need each car for about five days filming in the early summer of 2008 (dates and locations are not yet finalised).
It's a great opportunity to showcase your car, so if you'd like to know more, please email the producer, Jonny Steven at

News Type: Forum News  [11/03/2008]
Topic: Classic Cars Banned from Cities?
Description: Jackal - a VIP member from the UK - has raised a forum subject of interest all of us who enjoy classic cars. Town and city councils throughout the UK are considering introducing measures to control the emissions of cars entering their city centres - or "green zones" - or alternatively where city tolls exist, like the congestion charge in London, making the charges for the highest polluting vehicles so exorbitant that owners of gas-guzzlers choose to keep well clear. This is all well and good and understood by even the most committed petrol head. The problems begin when no emissions data is available either because the car is a one off special or is too old to have emissions data logged against it - the simplest solution is, and a precedent exists, to ban them all together from the city centre. Cities already considering bans include Bristol and Edinburgh.
In Stuttgart in Germany a trial is already underway that bans cars older than 1993. Amsterdam has similar plans before its council for consideration.
This is a worrying development that may well see the usefulness of classics drastically reduced and, obviously the attractiveness of their ownership similarly hit.
To Rush fans this is the prediction of "The Red Barchetta" coming true. .
Details of a petition for UK drivers to sign are given on the Jackal's entry. Good subject - well raised.

News Type: Forum News  [30/05/2007]
Topic: What is yours called?
Description: April's Classic Car of the Month - VIP member Merlin1's beautiful Rolls Royce Barker Sports Saloon is called Merlin and member JR's superb Opel Monza GSE is called Bill (after its number plate) - so what is yours called and why? Tell us in the General Forum where a thread has been started!!

See Merlin1's Rolls Royce here

See JR's Monza here

News Type: Forum News  [11/05/2007]
Topic: What is a 57 ThunderBird worth?
Description: Member Roger81 of Louisiana in the US would like an idea of what someone might pay for a '57 Thunderbird E code See the general forums for the full story and to post a reply if you can help

News Type: Forum News  [25/08/2006]
Topic: Forums
Description: The forums are now fully operational. If you would like to use our forums Join up today and start enjoying the benefits.


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