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News Type: Feedback  [14/11/2008]
Topic: Contacting other members!
Description: Charles asked "how do i contact the owner of a car for sale? (don't see address or phone)" - Editor's note -Members found the button saying "register interest in this vehicle" confusing so it has been replaced with "Contact this member" - hope that helps!!

News Type: Feedback  [21/06/2007]
Topic: Website Feedback from Abe
Description: Abe - a VIP member from the United States wrote "Thanks so much for this site!!! It's an inexpensive way to show off cars that are works in progress. Also, for people to connect on many different levels. Some cars are more sentimental than others and some are more valuable in dollars but, they come together here. Thanks again!" - Editor's note; thanks to you for the feedback, Abe - it makes all our hard work worthwhile

News Type: Feedback  [07/05/2007]
Topic: Member D*******
Description: I tried to add my photos. I browse OK then submit and they all go blank !!~~**!! Editor's note:- in order to maximise the number of images we can offer our exhibitors we have to limit images to 1 meg. Upload an image larger than 1 meg and it does not have a field large enough to store it in - sorry :-(

News Type: Feedback  [01/05/2007]
Topic: a***
Description: filld ya reg forms still erors on signin, so *******s

Editor's note :- to ensure we are storing a valid email address we send out an activation mail which includes a link which when followed activates your account. The email address you registered does not exist and gives us a delivery failure message.

News Type: Feedback  [01/05/2007]
Topic: VIP member Vanessa
Description: I can never find my way back to the home page! Editor's Note :- Thank you for your observation Vanessa, the home page is currently called "Classic Car Show" at the top of the left hand menu - we will take the point on board and change it to say "home page".

News Type: Feedback  [03/04/2007]
Topic: SM - promotions manager
Description: It looks a very professional, quality site but you should promote the fact that membership is free more than you do. It currently looks like an exclusive club that people may feel inhibited about joining.

News Type: Feedback  [04/03/2007]
Topic: VIP member Freddy
Description: What an excellent site! I will be checking it regularly to see if my friends have joined too

News Type: Feedback  [01/03/2007]
Topic: VIP member Chris Ward
Description: i think its great!

News Type: Feedback  [01/03/2007]
Topic: Vip Member fudge1
Description: I was referred to this site by a member on the Rover P5forum. It's a very good way of sharing information on all classic cars and I commend those who have got it set up and running. First class


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