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News Type: Exhibit News  [16/07/2007]
Topic: FEATURED CLASSIC - Hillman Minx
Description: VIP Member HillMan from Colchester in the UK sees himself as "merely the custodian" of this superb Hillman Magnificent Minx - he takes up the story " We are very proud of our 'Magnificent' which has never been restored, and has only had two previous owners. We have every document for the car from new. This includes the first owners driving test receipt and booking form. Showroom brochure. Fuel rationing card. Handbooks. Buff log book. All original tax discs. Service history. Even the wicker basket is original. It has been in our family from new, so we are merely the current custodians". He has every right to be proud - see the Magnificent Minx for yourself HERE

News Type: Exhibit News  [22/06/2007]
Description: Officine Stampaggi Industriali (OSI) was set up in 1960 as a subsidiary of Ghia to build cars like the Innocenti Spyder. By the time the OSI 20M TS went into production in 1967 OSI employed some 800 people. The beautiful design by Sergio Sartorelli brought the best of Italian flare and underpinned it with the ultra-reliable mechanicals of the mass produced Ford Taunus P5. Ford shipped all the necessary parts from Cologne to Turin and in return received completed cars to sell through their sales network. According to Marque authority Herbert some two thousand 2000S models and two hundred and twenty 2300S models were made between 1967 and 1968 and were particularly popular in Germany. See the beautiful OSI 20M TS HERE

News Type: Exhibit News  [12/06/2007]
Topic: FEATURED CLASSIC - Cooper Bobtail
Description: There is rare and then there is VERY rare. About 40 Cooper Bobtails are thought to have been built between 1955 and 1957 of which about 15 are thought to exist today. Having been successful with the tiny rear engined 500 series racers, Cooper moved up to sports cars and chose the ultra reliable Coventry Climax unit (originally designed to power fire pumps), more success followed and this was an important stepping stone to a World in which rear engined racing cars ruled!! VIP member Daryn from Berlin in Germany has a 1956 example that is for sale The Cooper Bobtail

News Type: Exhibit News  [03/06/2007]
Topic: BMC rust to Chapman Thrust.
Description: Got a badly rusting spridget and not sure what to do with it? How about turning it into an amazing Lotus XI replica? VIP member of our sister show - - XIREPLICA did just that and within ten weeks of graft and devotion produced a masterpiece

See the XI Le Mans Replica here

News Type: Exhibit News  [25/05/2007]
Description: When not busy organising the The Royal Air Tattoo's classic vehicle display VIP member Clive from Gloucestershire in the UK spends some his time rebuilding his superb 1954 TR2. He has filled out an amazingly complete "Restoration Archive" for us to share the experience. Hopefully you can see the car "in the metal" at this year's Tattoo in July. For the time being see the Triumph HERE and then hit the "restoration archive" button to see the full story of the rebuild.

News Type: Exhibit News  [18/05/2007]
Topic: Isetta beats RS2000 (?!)
Description: The superb RS2000 belonging to VIP member Smudger was the first car to clock up 1000 viewings in our show and was also the first car to 1100 viewings. In the race to be the first car to achieve 1200 viewings, however, the Escort was pipped at the post by VIP member Rustyrenault's amazing hotrod Isetta!!

See Smudger's RS2000 here

See rustyrenault's Isetta hayabusa here

News Type: Exhibit News  [18/05/2007]
Topic: FEATURED CLASSIC - Metropolitan
Description: Sun, sea and a straight road is all you need to enjoy the perfect "wind in the hair" drive in these wonderful 50s classics. Who cares that it has a turning circle similar to that of a London bus when it looks this cute? See VIP member rustyrenault's beautiful Metropolitan here Metropolitan

News Type: Exhibit News  [11/05/2007]
Topic: Humber 9/28 Handbook Anyone?
Description: VIP member GFCAPON from Felixstowe in the UK is seeking a handbook for his superb 1929 Humber 9/28 (car exhibit 122)

Take a Look

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of such a document can make contact by hitting the "register knowledge of this car" button on the display.

News Type: Exhibit News  [11/05/2007]
Description: VIP member Jakal from Rotherham in the UK is one of the first to use our "Restoration Archive" facility and has used it to really good effect. If a picture is worth a thousand words then there is a bookful of script in these restoration photos!! See the MG Here and then hit the "restoration archive" button to see the rebuild.

News Type: Exhibit News  [20/04/2007]
Topic: The One and Only RS2000 Estate
Description: We are all attracted to classic cars because we like to own cars that are a bit more individual than most. VIP member Smudger from Castleford in the UK goes one better than that and owns one that is unique! It is the only RS2000 estate to be built by Fords Advanced Vehicle Operations. See this amazing one-off Here Incidently, Smudger's other displayed car, (the RS2000 that was February's Classic Car of the Month) recently became the first displayed vehicle to top 1000 viewings!


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