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Announcements posted by the Website Manager. Please check this page to stay up to date with the latest news and announcements from The Classic Car Show.

News Type: General News  [30/03/2013]
Topic: TCCS supports Abigail Hannah Teenstar
Description: Abigail Hannah from Tunbridge Wells has been given the big thumbs up by judges at the TeenStar auditions. Along with other impressive acts, Abigail Hannah has made it through to the Regional Finals and will now be performing at the live stages of TeenStar, the brand new competition for teens and pre-teens! TeenStar is an exciting national talent competition which searches for the UKs best teens and pre-teens singers, singer/songwriters, rappers and vocalists of all genres who perform either covers or original material. The brand new music competition, TeenStar, is being brought to you by Future Music who already produce the hugely successful Open Mic UK competition bringing us such acts as Birdy and Hatty Keane. One contestant who has evidently caught the judges eye is Abigail Hannah now in the running to compete for a place in the National Final within The O2 in London. Thousands of hopefuls entered nationwide and hundreds of auditionees queued patiently on the day for their turn to impress the judges. Those who made it through the audition stage will now take part in a live Regional head to head battle alongside the best talent in their area. Theyll be performing in front of hundreds of audience members and a professional judging panel to win a place at the National Grand Final. Chris Grayston, Events Coordinator for TeenStar comments We are looking to find an act that has something unique to offer, another Birdy that can go all the way, with both the ability to deliver a strong live performance but also potential to become a professional recording artist. There is so much talent out there Im sure we can find that star again! For more information go to the website or better still come down and support your local talent performing! You can purchase tickets from the website, on the door subject to availability or from Abigail Hannah

News Type: General News  [13/04/2011]
Topic: Bring your classic indoors
Description: After spending all that time building , rebuilding, fettling and polishing your pride and joy it seems a shame to leave in the garage! Why not commission John Hayes to capture your precious metal on canvas!

Click here for full details of John's Classic Motor Art

News Type: Members Stories  [12/04/2011]
Topic: The art of buying dangerously
Description: VIP member MartinS from Tunbridge Wells in the UK has always hankered after an MG TD so when his friend offered him his he jumped at the chance. Only trouble was his friend lived in the States. Unperterbed, Martin had it shipped to the UK, picked it up at Southampton and drove it home ....then he told his wife!! See the MG Here

News Type: General News  [12/04/2011]
Topic: Always Validate Funds When Selling
Description: Please remember if you are selling your classic - whether in our "show" or anywhere else - to validate the payment method BEFORE parting with the car. We have been informed of a member selling his vehicle who was sent two checks (cheques) for the asking price plus shipping. Wisely he waited for the funds to clear before shipping. It was just as well because one check was a forgery and the other was for an account that was closed. Also remember to watch out for the scammer who sends a check (cheque) for too much money and when informed says "OK just send me a check for the difference".

News Type: General News  [21/02/2009]
Topic: Cancer concern for car workers and enthusiasts
Description: According to the Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center automotive company employees, garage mechanics and car enthusiasts have an increased cancer risk. Asbestos was used in a number of automobile parts, particularly in brakes. Auto mechanics and car enthusiasts who may have worked on asbestos-containing automobile parts may have been exposed and face an increased risk of developing mesothelioma cancer. For more information see their website at

News Type: General News  [05/12/2008]
Topic: Anyone need a showhand in Florida?
Description: A visitor to TheClassicCarShow, Ronald C Hanson, tells us "I am retired and love car shows, I go to as many as I can. Is there anyplace I can help, judging, setting up or anything I can do? I do not know how to get started doing these things. Please e-mail or call to give me information, or 727-375-8988. I live in New Port Richey, Florida but I am willing to travel some to go to the car shows" - any takers?

News Type: Feedback  [14/11/2008]
Topic: Contacting other members!
Description: Charles asked "how do i contact the owner of a car for sale? (don't see address or phone)" - Editor's note -Members found the button saying "register interest in this vehicle" confusing so it has been replaced with "Contact this member" - hope that helps!!

News Type: General News  [06/08/2008]
Topic: US - '58 Bonnie Wanted
Description: Can anyone help Ed from Aston in the South West corner of Pennsylvania? He is searching for '58 Pontiac Bonneville or Starchief in show condition. Would prefer a convertible but will consider a hardtop. Willing to travel for the right car but closer to home would be good. Contact via us here at the TCCS in the first instance - - thanks for your help!

News Type: Show News  [11/07/2008]
Topic: Spain - New Cars with Classic Character
Description: A small company in Spain are building new cars with the style and grace of yesterday. Visit Hurtan Cars stand in our show. !

Click here for full details of Hurtan Cars

News Type: Show News  [03/07/2008]
Topic: UK - Try before you buy Classics
Description: Tempted to buy a classic but cannot decide which one to go for?

TheClassicCarShow now has displays from two great classic car hire companies.

Feel free to have a wander round their "stands"

Great Escape Classic Car Hire

Click here for full details

and Vintage Classics

Click here for full details

News Type: General News  [27/05/2008]
Topic: UK- Fuel Duty Unfair?
Description: If you live in the UK and feel the level of fuel duty levied is unfair then why not sign the petition asking the prime minister to bring fuel prices back to a reasonable level - sign here -

News Type: Forum News  [15/04/2008]
Topic: Star Cars Found
Description: The six cars 1958 cars recently sought for television work have all now been sourced. Thanks to all members who assisted in the search.

News Type: Forum News  [27/03/2008]
Topic: 1958 cars sought for TV work
Description: An interesting thread has been posted on our forum. A company called Twofour Broadcast ( are currently making a television series for a major television channel that revolves around the presenter driving 1958 era classic cars around the leisure routes of the British Isles, as described in motoring guide books of that period.
The series, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first motorway being built in the UK, will showcase some of the most beautiful parts of our country.
They are looking for cars that would have been driven in 1958 (or thereabouts) that are road worthy and could be driven by the presenter along these routes, which range from about 10 to 50 miles.
They are looking for six cars and will need each car for about five days filming in the early summer of 2008 (dates and locations are not yet finalised).
It's a great opportunity to showcase your car, so if you'd like to know more, please email the producer, Jonny Steven at

News Type: Forum News  [11/03/2008]
Topic: Classic Cars Banned from Cities?
Description: Jackal - a VIP member from the UK - has raised a forum subject of interest all of us who enjoy classic cars. Town and city councils throughout the UK are considering introducing measures to control the emissions of cars entering their city centres - or "green zones" - or alternatively where city tolls exist, like the congestion charge in London, making the charges for the highest polluting vehicles so exorbitant that owners of gas-guzzlers choose to keep well clear. This is all well and good and understood by even the most committed petrol head. The problems begin when no emissions data is available either because the car is a one off special or is too old to have emissions data logged against it - the simplest solution is, and a precedent exists, to ban them all together from the city centre. Cities already considering bans include Bristol and Edinburgh.
In Stuttgart in Germany a trial is already underway that bans cars older than 1993. Amsterdam has similar plans before its council for consideration.
This is a worrying development that may well see the usefulness of classics drastically reduced and, obviously the attractiveness of their ownership similarly hit.
To Rush fans this is the prediction of "The Red Barchetta" coming true. .
Details of a petition for UK drivers to sign are given on the Jackal's entry. Good subject - well raised.

News Type: Event News  [06/02/2008]
Topic: Major Event in Scotland
Description: August sees the return of the Major International Heritage Motoring event to be held once again at one of Scotland's finest locations

Click here for full details

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